Cat Flaps & Dog Flaps into Glass

A Cat Flap Into A Single Glazed Door 

At Cat Flaps West London we can supply and fit / install a new cat flap or catflap in your single glazed door.

I need a cat flap fitted in a single glazed door. How long does this take and what happens?

1. We would arrange to visit your home or property at a convenient time to get an exact measurement of the current glass in the door, check what pattern your glass currently is and offer a like for like or an alternative if the glass is no longer manufactured.
2. We would then cut a new piece of 4mm float glass (plain or pattern of your choice) to the exact size as measured, cut a hole for the cat flap and then have the glass sent away to be toughened. (What is toughened glass)
3. Approximately 2-3 day later the cat flap glass will be ready to collected from the toughening plant at which point we will then  arrange a convenient time with you to call back and replace the current piece of glass with the glass ready for a cat flap installation.


Can you install the cat flap in my existing door glass?
Answer: No - The glass must be toughened due to regulations. 

I already have toughened glass in my door can you install the new catflap in that?
Answer: Im afraid not as the glass is already toughened when you try to cut it, the glass breaks in to hundreds and thousands of peices.

Can I buy any cat flap/catflap?
Answer: No - The cat flap/catflap must be glass fitting and circular as it is very expensive to cut a square hole, although not impossible. (it will say glass fitting on the box)

Do You supply cat flaps/catflaps?
Answer: Yes - as cat flaps come in different sizes, models, automatic etc is is best to talk to us first in order that you can ask all the questions you require answered on the most popular brands. We offer a selection of cat flaps and pet doors, we highly recommend that you take a brief look at the option prior to making a decision. We have added a link from our site to some of the most popular brands  See Cat Flap Suppliers

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